Rocky Mountain Soul University Studies

Sri Kaleshwar Swami

The Rocky Mountain Soul University is inspired by its parent university, the Sri Sai Kaleshwar Soul University in Penukonda, India.

“Your life is a story that you tell to the Divine.” – Swami Kaleshwar



Sai Charitra Reading

Second Saturday of the Month, 9-9:45 am


We read from the Sai Charitra (about Shirdi Sai Baba). and have a discussion on the readings.

“If you hear Baba’s leelas daily, you will always see him.
Day and night you will remember him in your mind.
When you absorb Baba in this way, your mind will
lose its fickleness and if you continue in this manner
it will finally merge in pure consciousness.”
— Quote from Sri Sai Satcharitra

These readings are followed by the Soul Healing Clinic at 10 a.m.




“We’re using the five elements wherever we go in the entire universe. We are connecting with those elements when we’re using holy water or a holy flame in a temple or church. If you can absorb the power in the five elements, then you can connect with them wherever you are in the universe. Then, your body is completely filled with the vibrations of the five elements. Automatically, your mind and your thoughts, your heart, and your soul are opening like a flower, starting to sing like a lovebird.”

– Sri Kaleshwar Swami









The Divine Mother’s Heart

Sunrise/Sunset Times

Sat Jul 13 2024
Sunrise:05:43 AM MDT
Sunset:08:27 PM MDT