Shiva Sai Mandir offers the following daily pujas:

Family-at-LingamOn the weekdays we conduct a Morning Puja from 8:00 to 8:30 am. The ceremony includes greetings to Ganesh, a Lingam Abhishek, and offering Aarti to Baba. The morning Puja lasts approximately one-half hour.

The Evening Puja is offered Monday through Thursday from 6:30-7 pm. The Puja includes offerings to the deity who is being honored for that day of the week.

You are always welcome to attend these pujas.


Evening Puja Deities:

Monday: Shiva Puja, 6:30-7 pm.
Monday is the Day of the Moon. This is the traditional day to honor Shiva. Honoring Shiva brings in the power and blessings of Shiva’s protection. These pujas are performed by Nafeeah Kim.

Tuesdays: Bagla Mukhi Puja, 6:30-7 pm.
Tuesday is the day of Mars; firey, dynamic, protective and the bringer of well-being. On this day we honor Bagla Mukhi in a fire ceremony. Bagla Mukhi is one of the ten Mahavidyas and is called upon for political causes, legal issues, warfare and removing hindrances to success and wealth. She is also the great friend of all of the plants and animals in the natural world. We dedicate this weekly fire homa to the political and governmental leaders around the world that they may be guided by the highest principles of dharma, and that truth may prevail over falsehood. These pujas are performed by Nafeeah Kim.

Wednesdays. Lalita Puja, 6:30-7 pm.
Wednesday is the day of Mercury; all forms of communication and relationships. Participating in the Lalita Puja enlivens communication based on love and ideal relationships. These pujas are performed by Nafeeah Kim.

Thursdays, Guru Puja, 6:30-7 pm.
Thursday is the day of Jupiter; knowledge and highest spiritual destiny, blessings of the Guru. Thursday is an ideal day for observing some part of the day in silence and spiritual study. Participating in the Guru Puja enlivens liberation and connection to the inner guru. These pujas are performed by Nafeeah Kim


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