Puja Offerings

Puja days are auspicious occasions set by planetary, seasonal and lunar calendars. These are specific days when the laws of nature and the cosmic energies are most supportive. These times have been observed for millennia and are richly embellished throughout the world with many cultural traditions and local customs.

Your participation in these pujas activates the potential supportive influence of these auspicious times. This enriches your relationship to the Divine, gives depth to your spirituality, attunes you to the rhythms of nature and brings happiness, colorful memories and a sense of community into your life.

Shiva Sai Mandir offers weekly, monthly and holiday pujas and celebrations. Click on the related tabs to find out more.



Holiday Celebrations


Sunrise/Sunset Times

Sat Jun 15 2024
Sunrise:05:31 AM MDT
Sunset:08:29 PM MDT